It’s Dry Eye Awareness Month!

Listen to Dr. White and other eye doctors talk about their own Dry Eye!  

It’s Dry Eye Awareness Month! This original video features 10 leading eye doctors – optometrists and ophthalmologists – who both treat and suffer from dry eye disease.

Watch and listen as they share their personal and professional experiences of how dry eye has impacted their lives, and what they would now tell their younger selves

when they were in training. You may be surprised at what they have to say!

Featuring: Ashley Brissette, MD; Johnny Gayton, MD; Cynthia Matossian, MD; Leslie O’Dell, OD; Laura Periman, MD; Jerry Robben, OD; Barry Schechter, MD;

Bonnie-Kim Schwertz, OD; Tracy Swartz, OD; Darrell White, MD

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